What are some topics that I might research about the Underground Railroad?

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Among the topics that you might research on this topic are:

  • How did the Underground Railroad work?  How did "conductors" contact slaves who wanted to escape?  How did they find out about the locations of the "stations" where they could get help?  How did they typically get the slaves from station to station?
  • How successful was the Underground Railroad?  How many slaves did it help to escape?  Did many of the attempts at escape fail?
  • What happened to people when their escape attempts failed?  This goes for the slaves and also for the people who were helping them to escape.
  • Who were the people who worked the Underground Railroad?  Why did they typically want to help slaves?
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  • some topics on
  •             the route
  •              Harriet tubman
  •               how they escaped
  •               reasons they escaped
  •               the code for their route like the people who help them the escapers had to say something before they were welcomed.