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List the sequence of events that occurs when a plant is exposed to unidirectional light, leading to bending of a growing shoot. Name the hormone and the type of movement.

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Auxins play a role in the growth of plants. They are chemicals that act as hormones. Auxins allow plants to respond to changes in the environment, such as the availablity of light. Plants lack a nervous system but auxins help them to respond to stimuli. Auxins must be translocated to sites where needed. Phototropism is the directional growth of  a plant toward the light. Cells farthest from the light have auxins that react when phototropism occurs. Auxins collect on the darker side of the stem. This causes growth at a much faster rate at the darker side, than the side in the light. The elongated cells on the side furthest from the light source, will cause a bending or curvature of the plant, towards the light. 

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Stems and other plant parts are positively phototropic which means they are heavily dependent on a light source for energy. Their ability to adapt to the surrounding environment, enables optimal exposure to sunlight. This response to sunlight also provides the planthigh vital information towars the development of plant organs and, therefore, the appearance of the plant. Individual leaves may display phototropic responses. The position of leaves is important to the photosynthetic efficiency of the plant. A plant hormone called auxin is probably in- volved in most, if not all, of the phototropic growth responses of plants.