List the risks for mom and baby related to diabetes mellitus.

Expert Answers
ncchemist eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Diabetes mellitus is a disease involving the ineffective regulation of a person's bloodsugar as a result of the ineffective productionor regulation of insulin.  There are three major types of diabetes.  Type I is present from birth and requires insulin injections.  Type II is often called adult onset diabetes and is more associated with obesity and lifestyle choices.  Type III is called gestational diabetes and is similar to type II but it occurs in a small percentage of pregnant women.  Risks for the baby include high birth weight, heart anomalies, respiratory problems, and hyperbillirubenemia (increased billiruben levels).  Risks for the mother include pregnancy and birth complications including high blood pressure and problems from birthing a large child.  Many women with gestational diabetes often are at higher risk to develop type II diabetes later in life.

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