Please list the most important features in The Face on the Milk Carton in chronolocical order.

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The most important features in the story The Face on the Milk Carton are as follows:

-Janie sees her picture on a milk carton and learns she ahs been kidnapped.

-Janie begins to experience body movements that are disassociated from her thoughts as she tries to process the situation.

-Janie snoops in the attic and finds a container that has the dress she had on in the milk carton picture along with information about someone named Hannah.

-Janie becomes distressed when her mother does not show Janie her birth certificate.

-Janie's parents reveal they are her grandparents and had taken her away from their daughter to keep Janie safe from a cult.

-Janie and the boy next door skip school and go to new Jersey where at a distance Janie sees her brothers who also have red hair.

-Reeve tells his sister the problem.

-Janie learns that Hannah had kidnapped her and that she is not really related by blood to the people who have raised her so lovingly.

-Janie tries to bottle up the situation in order to protect the people she knows as her parents.

-Janie finally tells her parents the truth about Hannah having kidnapped her.

-Reeve's sister comes and meets with them and offers to help.

-Janie picks up the phone and calls her natural mother and tells her that she is her daughter.

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