What are the major events of Ender's Game?

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Ender's Game has many significant, major events that pinpoint the twists and turns of the story, including many that happen without Ender knowing about them, at least for a while. For example, the government decides to raise themselves a military genius and they take precautions to make sure that the person they choose feels isolated and alone to make sure he isn't hindered by empathy and friendship when it comes to making difficult decisions. While this isn't portrayed as a major event in the book, exactly, it sets everything else into motion.

A selective overview of the major events of the book is as follows:

Ender kills a boy called Stilson, who has been bullying him. It sets the stage for Ender's later guilt, as well as fear that the Battle School is turning him into his cruel brother Peter. The fact that the boy's death is hidden from him also emphasizes the actions of the government trying to create their military commander at all costs, including pardoning murder.

Ender is persuaded...

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