List the main functions of RAM?

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RAM or Random-Access Memory is a type of computer data storage and stores the files that are in use while the computer is running. These files may include various programs such as operating system, etc. RAM allows for faster access to files, as compared to other types of data storage. A RAM is a temporary type of data storage device, since all the files and data on it will be lost when we power off the computer.

Permanent data storage devices such as hard drives, CDs or DVDs, USB drives, etc. store the data permanently. However, it takes a long time to access this data. In comparison, RAM stores the files the first time they are accessed and keeps them handy while the computer is still switched on. This quick data access provides a great significance to the RAM. These days, one can get computers with up to 16 GB (and possibly more) of RAM. Smartphones with 3-4 GB of RAM are also available. 

Faster data access means that people are willing to pay more for bigger size RAM in their computers and smartphones. 

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