List the main events in the order that they occur in Chapter Nine of Lord of the Flies.

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andrewnightingale eNotes educator| Certified Educator

1. Simon wakes from his fit-induced sleep and, still dizzy and unsteady, walks through the forest. 

He walked drearily between the trunks, his face empty of expression, and the blood was dry round his mouth and chin.

2. At the top of the mountain, he encounters the dead parachutist and frees the parachute's lines from their trappings.

Then he took the lines in his hands; he freed them from the rocks and the figure from the wind’s indignity. 

3. Simon realizes that the beast the boys have seen is the dead parachutist and that it is "harmless and horrible." He decides that he must tell the others about his discovery.    

4. Ralph and Piggy approach Jack and the other boys, who are feasting on a pig they have just cooked. Jack gives them meat, and they happily accept his generosity.   

5. Jack and Ralph get into an argument when Jack asks who will join his tribe and Ralph insists that he, not Jack, is chief.

6. It starts raining, and Jack encourages the boys to do their hunting game. The boys, terrified of the rumble and lightning of the approaching storm, gladly join in and follow his lead by chanting their hunters' mantra.

7. The boys' rhythmic screaming reaches fever pitch, and they attack Simon, who comes crawling into their midst believing that he is the beast.

8. The storm breaks and the boys stagger away, leaving behind Simon's immobile and bleeding body.

Only the beast lay still, a few yards from the sea. Even in the rain they could see how small a beast it was; and already its blood was staining the sand.

9. A powerful wind lifts the parachute and its dead passenger from the mountaintop and carries it down to the beach, frightening the boys, who run away screaming.

10. The storm subsides, and Simon's body, surrounded by bright, phosphorescent sea creatures, is carried out into the open sea by the tide.

Softly, surrounded by a fringe of inquisitive bright creatures, itself a silver shape beneath the steadfast constellations, Simon’s dead body moved out toward the open sea.

Jack and Ralph's argument about leadership, Simon's death, and the storm all foreshadow the anarchy that is to follow and mark a turning point in the novel.  

bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator


  1. Simon awakes in his secret place and decides to confront the beast on the mountain.
  2. He sees that the beast is covered with flies, and that it is really the body of a dead parachutist.
  3. Simon becomes sick to his stomach and then releases the body from the parachute.
  4. Simon heads down the mountain to tell the other boys about "the beast."
  5. Piggy and Ralph decide to join Jack's party.
  6. Jack and Ralph argue about who is leader of the boys.
  7. A thunderstorm erupts, and the boys dance about the fire.
  8. Simon picks this moment to appear; the boys, thinking he is the beast, attack and kill him.
  9. The parachute floats down among the boys, and they run away in panic.
  10. Glowing creatures appear in the water and gather around Simon's body. 
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