List the main characters and their internal and external characteristics in "The Outsiders".I'm reading The Outsiders.

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Jen Sambdman eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Johnny is the quiet kid who ends up stabbing a Soc after he and Ponyboy were jumped. He has really soft features, quiet, and "a beaten puppy-dog" way about him.

Darrel(Darry) is the oldest brother and in charge of keeping all of the brothers together ever since their parents died. He is more mature than the rest of the guys and doesn't really like the whole gang-aspect of their lives. He physically is a pretty big guy and a looker at that.

Ponyboy is a natural softie. Although he lives the greaser lifestyle, he is very into poetry, sunsets and conversation. He is a dreamer and a wonderer of things to come in his life. He thinks that Darry hates him and there is a lot of friction in their strained relationship. His looks are comparable to the other boys in his family (Darry and Soadapop) but he is not the most attractive of them all.

Dallas(Dally) is the heart of the gang in a way. He is the one who has been arrested, doesn't care about going back, and likes to cause a general problem where ever he goes. The only thing he loves is Johnny and when he dies, he loses it.

user5325396 | Student

can I get a list of internal characteristics