Identify specific reasons why the Montague-Capulet can be the cause of death for Romeo and Juliet.

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From the Prologue, one specific reason why the Montague- Capulet feud helped to cause the death of the "star- crossed lovers" was the creation of a border that they could not cross.  The idea of being able to clearly establish a realm or a border where both could not meet is where a potential cause for their death lies.  At the same time, the feud has created such an antagonism that the participants have become corrupted with its taint.  In this, there is no absolute way in which Romeo and Juliet can express their love to their own people, the people who are supposed to love them unconditionally.  For example, Juliet cannot speak to her parents about the love she has and the love she does not have for Paris.  In this lack of communication, one can see a reason why she must go to the ends that she does.  This helps to bring out another reason why the feud helped to bring about their own death.  Finally, I think that the fact that the feud helped to create a sense of helplessness in both lovers is a reason why their deaths were almost inevitably. Both of them realize that they could not escape the social condition of antagonism that is around them.  It is in this lack of escape where the feud provided death as the only escape for both.


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