List the key tenets of Judaism. Categorize aspects of the faith into "beliefs" and "practices."

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Judaism is included with Christianity and Islam as an Abrahamic faith, a belief system to aid in spiritual development derived from the Jewish patriarch Abraham. Jews learn and practice the tenets of their faith via the divinely-inspired sacred texts found in the Torah, which comprises the first part of the Hebrew Bible. Those of the Jewish faith believe in monotheism or one God. They also believe God is non-physical, omnipotent (having the ability to do anything), transcendent (above and beyond all human capacity, ability or standard of measurement), eternal (always existing) and always accessible. Jews also believe in prophecy, such as that of Moses one day leading the Jews out of bondage in Egypt, and in the coming of a Messiah who will resurrect the dead and save the souls of God’s Chosen people.

Jews practice their faith by following the 613 mitvot (plural for mitvah) or commandments as well as a body of rabbinical rules and laws, all found in the Torah. One such practice is observing the Sabbath on Saturdays when Jews worship and pray at a synagogue. Another practice involves eating only Kosher foods that meet Jewish dietary laws. Yet another practice is the celebration of a person’s milestones, such as a Bar Mitzvah (for boys) or a Bat Mitzvah (for girls), when a young person at the age of 13 participates in a religious ceremony where they profess their faith to their religious community.

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