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What are the important events that happen during Pip’s second visit to Miss Havisham in Great Expectations?

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The first thing that happens is that Estella leads Pip into a room that he has not been in before, and he sees several of Miss Havisham’s relatives.

There were three ladies in the room and one gentleman. Before I had been standing at the window five minutes, they somehow conveyed to me that they were all toadies and humbugs… (ch 11, p. 56).

Pip knows that all of the relatives are frauds, and are really just trying to get in Miss Havisham’s good graces but don’t really care about her.  The relatives talk about not much, and then Estella leads Pip out.

When she gets him alone, Estella bombards Pip with questions.  She asks if she is pretty, and if she is insulting.  Then she...

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