List the hierarchy of the pack in Julie of the Wolves (not including Miyax).

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The leader of the pack is Amaroq, a magnificent black male.  He reminds Miyax of her father because he walks with authority, "with his head high and his chest out".  He possesses wisdom, and the pack looks up to him.

Beautiful Silver is Amaroq's mate.  She is the mother of the five puppies, and is respectful to Amaroq, and loving.  She is second in importance in the pack hierarchy.

Nails holds a place close to that of Silver in the pack.  He is a lone male wolf of an iron gray color.  He is a kind of lower partner to Amaroq and Silver.

Jello is the low dog in the hierarchy.  He is subservient, cringing before Amaroq.  Nails and Silver also tell him what to do.  Jello babysits the puppies, feeds them and is the last to eat.  He is eventually banished from the pack altogether.

The only one of the puppies that really stands out is Kapu.  He is intelligent and strong, and grows up to take leadership of the pack when Amaroq is killed by hunters.

The remaining puppies are Sister, Zit, Zat, and Zing.