List Good Speech TopicsAt least once a year I've been told to make a speech for English, but I can never find a really cool topic to talk about. So my proposal is that we make a list of good topics...

List Good Speech Topics

At least once a year I've been told to make a speech for English, but I can never find a really cool topic to talk about. So my proposal is that we make a list of good topics to talk about...

I'll start it off with the topic:

Why our democracy isn't really a democracy.

Expert Answers
e-martin eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Ecology and the environment are fairly broad subjects with plenty of material to dig into. Some of these sub-topics could include:

Energy Production - How do each of these affect the environment, compare with one another, and/or what are the real details as to how they work...?

  • hydro-fracture drilling for natural gas (a somewhat controversial method of extraction)
  • oil drilling in the ocean (pros and cons)
  • nuclear power (the serious dangers posed by energy companies that are not following safety regulations. The Japanese disaster is a great example there...)
  • wind energy (the effects of necessary new infrastructure to use wind energy on a large scale; the potential benefits of wind energy vs. the natural limitations of this method)

Also, you could look into innovative recycling programs, recycling facts and figures (how much energy is required to recycle certain goods and is it worth it?, etc.). Hybrid automobiles, electric and and hydrogen powered cars are another subject that may be interesting and pose interesting ideas for speeches.   

carol-davis eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Here are some potential topics for your list:

What is a man's favorite hair color in a woman?

Clothes influence the way people behave.

Who is the ultimate couch potato?

Cats versus dogs

Type of hot peppers

Feng shui

Some women are from Mars.

Young adults need to serve at least one year in the military.

Passing high school should be a requirement for getting a driver's license.

 America is a melting pot of people.

Until the economy is a better footing, immigration should be stopped.

What makes the best spouse?



litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You really should choose something that interests you and your audience.  I have found that the best speech topics are related to homework, security cameras in schools, uniforms, school lunches, and other student-centered topics because that is what you know about and what your classmates are interested in.

tayloraustin | Student

I suggest you research what's the latest on our environment, for instance the emerging global or other stuff. Look for something interesting that will make your audience listen and wherein they can learn a lot. :)

suzannah304 | Student

why don't you talk about TEENAGERS? It's always debateful in this topic. If you present some interesting facts about teenagers and include the thoughts of today's teenagers, your classmates might love it. Well, they always do whenever I talk something about our age.

slander | Student

Why our democracy isn't really a democracy | it is such a good topic to talk about.

I agree with #4 | because when students start to talk n give their opinions, It means that you have succeeded, and the only way to make this happen is by choosing something that they have a say and knowledge in .

Personally I think topics that are related to improving stuff in your school; always works because it shows students that their needs are important and all of the adjustments are for their sake.

Other different topics | 1.World peace.    2. The power of giving and respecting one anther.   3. Food waste in US, when alot of children around the global are dying because of hunger.


Good luck :)


nicoledesilva | Student

How about 'How chocolate is good for health.' I did that, and it went awesome. Everyone liked it since I gave a different view cause everyone's always like, chocolate may be sweet but then it sucks when your teeth and fall away and you won't be able to eat and crap.. So yeah..
Wait, do you, like, want serious topics?
Well then, I'm sorry.
I'm sure you're thinking, "Total waste of time..."

Cheers, anyway! :)