List the four types of cells in bone tissue and their functions.

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kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Osteogenic cells are hanging around waiting to deal with traumas or problems with the bone where they will have to produce new bone or strengthen the bone after a fracture or other trauma.

Osteoblasts are mainly responsible for bone generation and maintaining the strength of the bones, their decreasing presence is one reason for problems with bones in elderly folks.

Osteocytes maintain healthy bone tissue.

Osteoclasts are cells that actually help to break down bone tissue as the bone changes during its lifetime.  They are essential to healthy bones.

sid-sarfraz | Student

Four types of bone cells are as follows:-

  1. Osteogenic cells 
  2. Osteoblasts (Osteoblasts are related to structural cells and also found in bone marrow containing one nucleus, forming new bones out of collagen and proteins while controling calcium and mineral deposition. Osteoblasts activate osteoclasts by producing special proteins on the order of hormones.)
  3. Osteocytes (Osteocytes are found inside the bone, coming from osteoblasts, when a new bone is being formed, while sensing pressures or cracks and directing the osteoclast to dissolve that old cracked bone keeping communication with other osteocytes)
  4. Osteoclasts (Osteoclasts are found on bone marrow surface (mineral) near the dissolving bone, and are related with white blood cells. These are large in size as they dissolve different bones that fuse or join each other, hence they have more than one nucleus.)

In simple words it can be said that osteoblasts form new bone tissues, osteocytes maintains them and osteoclasts break down or dissloves them when cracked.

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