List four main principles/ideas of ecofeminism as presented by Kathryn Miles.

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Ecofeminism (alternately ecological feminism) examines the connections between women and nature. Basic feminist tenets undergird ecofeminism. Two of the key features are equality between genders and the renewed valuing of non-patriarchal structures. In addition, ecofeminism supports a worldview based in respect for organic processes and holistic connections and the positive associations of intuition and collaboration. Such a worldview understands the inherent sacredness of the earth and the extent of human dependency on the natural world. Third, and closely connected, is commitment to the environment, including all life forms. Finally, there is attention to women-nature associations, which include emphasizing how patriarchal society looks at and behaviors toward both nature and women. This includes the application of gender categories within social norms that support dominance over, rather than cooperation with, women and nature.

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