List four benefits offered from "A Modest Proposal."

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In Swift's "A Modest Proposal," the narrator offers the following four benefits for his plan of having the poor fatten and sell their babies as food:

1. It will bring in money to impoverished households. The narrator calculates the poor will make eight shillings in profit on each baby sold.

2. It will offer the tables of the rich a tender delicacy.

3. It will reduce wife abuse, as men will not want to damage pregnant women or women who are nursing and fattening their babies for sale.

4. As large numbers of these babies are eaten, it will reduce the number of Catholics in Ireland, a concern to the Protestant ruling class, which feared the "papists."

The benefits don't stop at four for this exuberant but clueless proposer: the plan will reduce abortions and infanticide, increase Ireland's overall wealth, and enterprising women will turn their babies' skins into gloves to sell to the rich, among other "positives" that the narrator suggests. 


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