List five character traits of Stanley, the protagonist of Holes.

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Stanley Yelnats, the main character in Holes by Louis Sachar, possesses many character traits. Here are five of them:

Stanley has a strong belief that his family is chronically unlucky, and believes that the source of this misfortune is a curse that was placed on his "no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather," Elya Yelnats. Because of his absolute belief in the family curse, Stanley is never particularly surprised when bad things happen to him.

Stanley lacks self-confidence. He is described as an overweight boy who gets picked on a lot at school and does not have any friends before he arrives at Camp Green Lake. This is a trait that changes over time, as his self-confidence improves over the course of the book.

Despite Stanley's belief in the curse, he remains hopeful and tries to maintain optimism . This is a trait he shares with his family, who don't have much money but look for the bright side of life. This trait helps him...

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