List five benefits of teaching that you would like to share.List five benefits of teaching that you would like to share.

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tpisano eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many benefits to becomming a teacher.  A few that I can think of are:

1. Being a teacher allows you to be a life long learner.  Each day is a new experience and I feel that I learn almost as much from my students as they learn from me.

2. Your job will never be boring.  Each day, week, and year is different from the last.  Your students are always changing and you get to watch them learn and grow.

 3. When you truly love you subject manner it is wonderful to get to experience it on a deep and personal level every single day.  For example, there are many titles that I have had to read and re-read with classes, but almost every time I read them, I learn something new.  Students often give you a fresh perspective on things.

4. I can not say that weekends, holidays, and summers off are not one of our many benefits.  Those who say it isn't a benefit are usually not being 100% honest.  I can tell you that many of those hours will be spent working, but it is nice to have them.

5. KIDS!! Yes, I know it is cliche', but I love them.  Kids are far less harsh and judgemental than adults.  They are more forgiving (usually) and they often forget your errors or misgivings. 


I became a teacher because I love to read and write and wanted to share my love for books with kids.  I love helping kids see that they can become whatever it is that they dream of. I love that it constantly changes. 

Jen Sambdman eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Aside from the traditional "make a difference", "be a life-long-learner", and "help kids reach their potential" reasons (which are my main reasons for being a teacher) there are some other off-the-wall reasons I like too.

I love the fact that I have to come up with new and innovative ideas to get my kids to relate to what is being taught.

Because of the aforementioned answer, I get to color and get all crafty with my kids when doing projects for books.

I have the corner market on all the juicy gossip. Some of their "tragedies" are better than any reality-tv show out there.

I have kind of a power-trip complex so even though my classroom is ultra-laid back, I am still in charge and I sorta get off on authority like that.

I get to have some pretty interesting conversations with them on discussion days and really see how kids today take in different things like "the world ending in 2012", "the presidential election", their spin on economy and whatnot - it is all pretty cool seeing how they process the information they receive.

I will admit, having summers, all holidays, my birthday(because it will ALWAYS fall on spring break) and random days like MLKjr day, Cashmere Pulaski day(it is an Illinois thing) and all that jazz off is SUPER swank as well!! AND I get paid all 12 months out of the year!!

charcunning eNotes educator| Certified Educator

1. There is nothing better than the look on a student's face when they really get something you've taught! The lightbulb over the head is not myth--it's really there!

2. I L-O-V-E to compare students' writing and reading abilities from when they start in August to when they leave in May! They are so proud of themselves when they see how far they've come.

3. This one has two parts: Seeing students graduate and hearing from them when they go off to college...makes me remember why I do this!

4. Autonomy! I get to decide what is important for them to know and learn. I get to shape students in a way that I see fit and in a way that will best help them in college and life.

5. I work 180 days a year! I know, teachers don't get paid much, but man, oh man, do I love that I'm on Spring Break for a week and don't have to request it off or take the chance of not getting paid! We have great benefits, and SUMMERTIME LETS ME STAY HOME WITH MY OWN KIDS!! :)

lynn30k eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Like cburr, I have to say that the others have really good lists, and I'll just add a couple.

When you teach something, you learn it more thoroughly understanding of some things has become much more complete because I have taught it to others.

I am more in tune with new topics (eg, in technology and children's literature) because I am around kids all day.

Every day is different. Even when I am teaching something I've taught many times, it is always a little different due to the kids involved, what is going on in the world at the time, or something.

Although it can be frustrating at times, it is also just plain FUN to be around so many different little people--and they sometimes come out with unintentionally hilarious statements.

Seeing the problems that some kids face makes me extremely thankful for my own life, and my own kids.

mrs-campbell eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Amen to all that has been said.  I would like to add one more item, in regards to teaching high school.  Teaching brings me laughter all day long.  My students are just so funny.  Their personalities are hilarious, their conversations are amusing, they do silly and stupid things, and have funny insights comments and arguments.  There is no other place in the world where, in the course of one class, I can listen to a discussion on how if everyone runs counter-clockwise really fast it would probably send us all back in time, or distribute a band-aid after a student decides to answer the burning question of whether a stapler penetrates flesh.  I go home laughing every day.  I love these kids so much because they bring me constant amusement.  In addition to all that has been said, the entertainment factor is just one more reason I love teaching.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Five benefits of teaching are that it is rewarding, it keeps your mind active, it keeps you around people, you never know what will happen and you never stop learning new things.

First of all, teaching is rewarding because you are touching lives.

Second, teaching keeps your mind active because it is very difficult and there is always a new challenge to work your mind on.

Third, teaching keeps you around people.  You cannot isolate yourself, because you are constantly with parents, other teachers and other adults.

Fourth, teaching is exciting because anything can happen.  Children are unpredictable, and the classroom is an ever-changing place.

Finally, the best thing about teaching is that you never stop learning!

cburr eNotes educator| Certified Educator

# 2 and 3 have alot of really good reasons!

Rather than a full list, I'll give you a couple of things.

When I was suffering from cancer, the one thing that made me feel alive and filled with hope was spending my 2 good days a week in my classroom.

There is nothing like helping a kid reach an "aha" moment.

I've been very successful in several fields over my life, but I never felt that I had as much of an impact on the world -- even as a high ranking US Congress staffer -- as I do in teaching.

I'm always learning something new as a teacher, every single day.

I've never known a closer adult community than those I've enjoyed in schools.

litchick2011 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

1. Summers!!! Even though I spend a lot of that time taking classes for my post - graduate degree, it is nice to have that time to refresh.

2. In the vein of number #1, with teaching, I feel like I get an opportunity to start fresh each day, which is not a feeling that many people get from their careers.

3. The times when you truly help a child are some of the best feelings in the world.

4. It never gets boring.

5. I get to teach what I love...reading literature, writing, etc.

cathitaylor | Student
List five benefits of teaching that you would like to share.

List five benefits of teaching that you would like to share.

1.  I LOVE students.

2.  Students LOVE me.

3.  Learning new things

4.  I make a difference in the world.

5.  I help students learn how to make it in life.

frizzyperm | Student

It's a recession proof industry! That's a BIG advantage when times are like they are right now.

stmcgee | Student

All of the people before me have shared such great reasons to be a teacher.  Here are some of the reasons that I teach.

I am the stable person for some sweetheart who does not have any sort of stability in their lives at all. I was one of those kids, and I became a teacher because they were my life line at times.

I get called "mom" sometimes, I know the kids care about and trust me at an important level to call me such a prized name. (I always tell them that is a compliment to be called "mom".)

I work with some of the most dynamic people ever!  They are always thinking outside of the box to teach and connect with students.

Those hugs from former students that I have seen grow as young people.  Along with this, the thank yous from the parents that are grateful for what teachers do for their kids.  

And finally, I would be lying if I didn't mention the steady paycheck. I really appreciate a guaranteed deposit to the bank on the last working day of the month.


stnichols | Student

Five Benefits of the teaching Profession:

1. Being an influentail part of a students life.I feel that it is important to provide students with good role models and teachers are able to accomplish this in many ways.

2. The ability to encourage life long learning and development and show students the road to success.

3. Working in an intellectual environment that teachers can share experiences and learn from one another. 

4. Being exposed to a wide variety of resources for students learning experiences to be enhanced and excel.

5. Having more than a job you go to. Teaching requires passion and dedication. So while anyone can go to school to be a taeacher and learn many things it takes a special individual to see thier career as a calling and a passion. 

sly09 | Student

I would like teaching students

if they had any questions i would answer them