List of Facebook stakeholders and explain how and why they are affected by, or affect, the activities of Facebook. Try to distinguish and classify them in different groups, on the base of their...

List of Facebook stakeholders and explain how and why they are affected by, or affect, the activities of Facebook. Try to distinguish and classify them in different groups, on the base of their nature (e.g. economics, social,…)

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Facebook has many stakeholders. A stakeholder is a person or group involved with and impacted by a company and its activities. One group of stakeholders is the employees of the company. These people are impacted by the policies of Facebook, the work environment at Facebook, and how well the company does. These people are impacted by the salaries they receive and the benefits they get from the company.

Another stakeholder group of Facebook is the people who use it. The users are able to communicate with other people throughout the world. These users may also organize events that could benefit themselves, their causes, or the groups to which they belong. They may also be able to spread their messages to many people in a very quick manner by using Facebook.

Advertisers are stakeholders of Facebook. These people pay money to get their messages heard and their products known to those who use Facebook. The more people using Facebook, the more these advertisers can reach their audience. The money derived from advertisers helps to make Facebook profitable.

The stockholders of Facebook are also stakeholders. These people invest in the company hoping to make money. The stockholders are impacted by the positive or negative perception of Facebook. These people want Facebook to act responsibly and to make a profit.

There are many stakeholders involved with Facebook.

thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Stakeholders are all entities responsible for a company’s existence. All stakeholders interact with the company in one way or another, expecting something in return from the company. Thus, the relationship between stakeholders and the company is expected to be mutually beneficial.

In this regard, Facebook, like any other corporate entity, has stakeholders that can be categorized into internal and external stakeholders.

Internal stakeholders are interest groups within the business charged with the actual creation of the company’s output. Owners, managers, and employees belong to the internal group of stakeholders. Owners provide the initial capital required to run the business. Managers are responsible for providing leadership and control of the company’s operations. Employees engage in the operations of the company to meet its goals.

External stakeholders are not involved in the internal operations of the organization, but they are affected by the company’s performance. Consumers, governments, and suppliers are among some of the external stakeholders of a company. It is also important to note that their activities also impact the company. For instance, government regulations on privacy will affect how Facebook operates with regard to how the company deals with the privacy of its consumers.

justaguide eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The stakeholders of a company refers to all individuals that are directly and indirectly influenced by the actions of the company.

The primary stakeholders of Facebook are the owners of the company, which after its initial public offering refers to all those that hold shares of the company; the employees of the company that help run the website and control its operation; the users of the website that form the consumers and by advertising to whom the company makes its revenue; the advertisers that use the service of Facebook to spread information about their products and services.

Secondary stakeholders of Facebook generally constitutes all the others that are affected by the company, some of the secondary stakeholders are the government that earns money from the company in the form of taxes paid by them, and society at large that is affected by the way information is rapidly spread by users through Facebook and that can result in profound changes. For example, the change in leadership in Egypt had Facebook play an important role of bringing people that shared common ideas together and kept them informed of the events that were to take place, and where and when they were going to happen.