List and explain some factors that influence growth and development?  

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I will assume that you are taking about human development. There are too many factors to name. So, I will be selective and offer a few of them.

First, we all have genes that we inherit. So, one of the most important factors in our development is our genetic makeup that we inherit. So, if you have only tall people in your family, then you will most likely be tall due to your genetic code.

Second, as much as nature is important, so is nurture. In short, the way we live also makes a big difference. Here are some factors to consider.

  • To grow to our maximum genetic capabilities, we all need to have a balanced diet. The proper nutrition is important for our bodies to maximize potential.
  • Exercise is also important for obvious reasons.
  • One point that is not emphasized enough is the importance of sleep. Sleep deprivation can cause various hardships on the body.

Apart from these factors, there are also more environmental ones such as pollution, stress factors, and other variable that we might even consider. All of these have an impact on how we develop as humans.


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