List and explain 3 examples how animal imagery is used throughout Night by Elie Wiesel?

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The use of animal imagery throughout the novel Night provides a compelling argument in regards to the Jews being simply regarded as nothing but animals to the Nazis.

In one example, Elie is describing the transport of Jews to the camps. Asa the Jews board the trains, Elie notices that his fellow Jews are passing him looking as if they were "beaten dogs."

Another example of animal imagery in the novel is seen when Elie is describing how the Jews were being herded through the synagogue. Here, the reference to cattle is apparent.

One last use of animal imagery appears when Elie is describing a point in time where Idek loses his mind. An unstable person, by either nature or through the ordeal he is facing, Idek has many moments where his behaviors are indescribable. In this example, Idek "leapt on me [Elie] like a wild animal." His behavior is no longer human. Instead, the behavior is seen as wild and uncivilized,much like the behaviors animals exhibit.


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