List example four example each of the following areas below: physical health  cognitive functioning self and personality  motivation social relationship  work and leisure activities 

trishanne | Student

Health, in general, is very important to all in that if it is out of balance, it can cause many problems. 

Physical health is anything that is related to our bodies. How we take care of them. The list is: 

  1. nutrition - eating healthy foods are essential to your body functioning properly. As a student, many times fitting in with the crowd may include visits to fast food restaurants that offer unhealthy choices. As young person, doing what the crowd does is more popular than making right choices even in foods. Also, students tend to focus on their studies and grab an unhealthy snack to hold them over. Right choices are veggies, whole grain foods, fruits, milk and water. Without these, your body will suffer as well as your brain which is a important factor in health.
  2. excercise - getting proper excerise is just as important to physical health as eating properly. It has also been connected to better academic performance. 
  3. sleep - getting the right amount of sleep is also a component to nutrition and excercise.
  4. emotional health - having a good emotional stability is just as important in learning and social connections.

Cognitive functioning is the ability to:

  1. think - our thoughts
  2. perceive - how we see things 
  3. reason - solve problems
  4. interpret sense - touch, taste, smell

Self and personality:

  1. self-image - who you think you are
  2. self-perception - how you see yourself such as kind, fair, smart, or attractive.
  3. self-respect - based on what you do and knowing your worth
  4. self-esteem - based on what you think and how you value yourself.
  5. personality - friendly
  6. committed, courageous, 

Motivation is the inward stimulus that causes you to act:

  1. intrinsic
  2.  inward forces such as desire to learn
  3. extrinsic
  4. outward forces such as family

Social relationship is a relationship between people or organisms

  1. groups such as churchs, clubs 
  2. familys such as brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin
  3. co-workers 
  4. online outlets (Facebook)

Work and leisure activites is a counterpart to social relationships sense they involve the four listed above.