List the elements to consider when developing an employee handbook.

Expert Answers
jenlombardo eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are some key sections to be included in an employee handbook.  An introduction, employee policies, general corporation information, compensation, benefits and code of conduct are typical of the main sections. Often, in the introduction there may be specifics about the history and purpose of the company. In this ection, there may also be information about equal opportunities and anti-harassment policies.  This information will be in one handbook section because employees need to know where to get to the resources or who to report behavior to within the company.

In another general information part of the handbook, the position job description should be explained.  The employee should be made aware of how termination might occur and how performance reviews are handled (frequency and type).

Another section will deal with compensation.  This should explain to the employee the pay, schedule of pay, overtime and if there is any bonuses or incentives are involved.  

Another section will refer to the employee benefits and could included family medical leave, benefits, tuition reimbursement, etc.  Finally, the handbook should include standard conduct.  Does the company require drug testing, background checks, dress codes?  How does the company view confidentiality?  There should be precise language about relationships within the company such as dating superiors etc. The eNotes link has additional information on handbooks.