List eight of the most common allergenic foods.

Expert Answers
justaguide eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are hundreds of foods that can cause an allergic reaction in people depending on how their immune system reacts to them. A lot of research carried out in this field has allowed a few foods to be identified as the leading causes of allergies. In more than nine out of ten cases, the allergic reactions in people can be traced to one of the following foods:

  1. milk
  2. egg
  3. peanut
  4. tree nuts
  5. fish
  6. shellfish
  7. soy
  8. wheat

Some of the adverse reactions associated with the above mentioned foods are limited to children and as people grow older they are able to consume the foods in a normal way. Peanuts and shellfish though are a few of the foods that people remain allergic to, their entire lives.