List the destinies of Bradsteet's eight childrenIs it about the right & wrong she taught them. The good and evil; about morals and temptation????

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The oldest or "chief of the brood" left to travel...

Chief of the Brood then took his flight 
To Regions far and left me quite. 
My mournful chirps I after send

The second one married and moved away...

My second bird did take her flight 
And with her mate flew out of sight. 
Southward they both their course did bend,

The third one married also...

I have a third of colour white 
On whom I plac'd no small delight, 
Coupled with mate loving and true, 
Hath also bid her Dame adieu.

The fourth one went to study at the academy...

One to the Academy flew 
To chat among that learned crew. 
Ambition moves still in his breast 
That he might chant above the rest, 
Striving for more than to do well, 
That nightingales he might excell.

The fifth one who is still young wanders about the area (or nest) searching for independence...

My fifth, whose down is yet scarce gone, 
Is 'mongst the shrubs and bushes flown 
And as his wings increase in strength 
On higher boughs he'll perch at length.

The other three still abide with their mother...

My other three still with me nest 
Until they're grown, then as the rest, 
Or here or there, they'll take their flight, 
As is ordain'd, so shall they light.

Of course, the mother says that one day the other three will be old enough to leave the nest...she explains her sadness for when they leave...

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