List and describe the major factors that influenced the evolution of management thought.

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The way managers think used to be governed by a very industrialized way of thinking, known as "Taylorism."

Taylorism takes a scientific approach to workers, training them to do a specific job efficiently and to be efficient parts of a production chain. This worked particularly well in a factory environment, before a lot of the jobs previously done by people were taken over by machines.

The field of management and this way of thinking has had to evolve dramatically in recent years due to the modernization of work practices, the influence of technology, the emergence of the internet, and the rights of workers needing to be respected in unprecedented ways.

In a world in which every company is faced with unprecedented levels of competition, managers have had to learn to think quicker, act faster, and react more strategically in order to stay in business.

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This is an important question and there are many factors that influence the evolution of management thought. I will list a number of them.

First, management is partially about trial and error. So, management tries something and if it does not work, then they move on and try something else. They continue to do this, until they have an idea that works well.

Second, management changes at times due to the changing circumstances. As you know, we live in a very volatile world. Things can change in an instant. A good management team knows this and even sees it coming. For example, Apple computer changed their model quite a bit. They started with computers and now they are in the TV world, music world, and phone world.

Third, a good management team also knows that the the market is now global. So, they will evolve as they broaden their horizons to an international market.

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