What kind of a database would be useful for a marketing manager to improve marketing?

Expert Answers
justaguide eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A marketing manager has to make prospective customers aware about the products of the company and send out a message that attracts people to try the products. Marketing can be done in a cost effective manner that yields better results by segmentation of the market.

Once the market has been segmented and those most likely to become customers identified, advertisements can be created keeping the preferences of those most likely to use the product in mind.

The marketing manager can use a database that contains information about the present users of the product. If it is a product that is yet to be launched, information about customers of similar products already in the market can be used. This information makes it easier to reach out to the target group with advertisements that appeal to them. The medium used for advertising can also be chosen appropriately. For example, a product that is being used more by young teenagers should have a brand ambassador that they can relate with. It would also be better to have advertisements in the electronic media rather than in newspapers that are not read by them.