List and describe each character in Romeo and Juliet.

Expert Answers
jdslinky eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Capulet Family-mortal foe of the Montague clan 

Juliet: 13 year-old daughter, romantic, formal (will not let Romeo kiss her at first, is shy about telling him her true feelings), very close with her nurse, marries Romeo in secret, takes a potion to keep from having to marry Paris after Romeo’s banished, kills herself because Romeo never got the message and killed himself because he couldn’t live without her 

Nurse: Main caregiver for Juliet, a little crazy, very loyal to Juliet and Capulets, advises Juliet to forget about Romeo and marry Paris, effectively ending her relationship with Juliet; (foil to Friar Lawrence)

Old Capulet: Juliet’s father, very protective of his daughter, concerned with her happiness, formal (will not let Tybalt fight Romeo at the party), demands Juliet marry Paris to avoid embarrassment, pays the price with his daughter’s life

Lady Capulet: More concerned with family status than her daughter’s happiness (encourages her to marry Paris), hardly knows Juliet, selfish 

Tybalt: "Prince of Cats," explosive cousin of Juliet, does not want peace (challenges Romeo to a duel), fiercely loyal, is slain by Romeo who kills him to avenge Mercutio’s death 

Sampson and Gregory: loyal servants, adhere to societal laws (dost thou bite your thumb at me?)

Montague Family-mortal foe of the Capulet crew 

Romeo: 15 years old, dramatic (almost to a fault with Rosaline), romantic, passionate, a dreamer (sees his future in the stars), marries Juliet in secret, is banished for killing Tybalt, comes back to a misunderstanding of Juliet’s “death,” kills Paris, then himself. 

Benvolio: loyal cousin to Romeo, peacekeeper (tries to break up first civil brawl), wants Romeo to be happy (tries to convince him to move on from Rosaline), a good friend, (Foil to Tybalt)

Mercutio: kinsman to the prince, friend to Romeo, loyal, famous for his Queen Mab speech, comedian (tries to keep things light-hearted), is slain by Tybalt trying to defend Romeo’s honor, (Foil to Romeo) 

Old Montague: Concerned about his son’s happiness, willing to continue feud 

Lady Montague: worries about her son’s well being

Citizens of Verona 

Paris: kinsman to the prince, well-to-do bachelor, wants to marry Juliet, is given permission by Old Capulet, but is killed by Romeo at the Capulet monument 

Prince Escalus: peacekeeper, law-abiding, shames both families for the tragedy 

Friar Lawrence: friend to Romeo, herbalist/botanist, loyal to his parish, plans the “death potion” plan, gives a letter to Friar John for Romeo but it never makes it, takes full responsibility for the tragedy, (foil to Nurse)