List childhood memories Henry recalled that helped him forget his painful head wound in "The Red Badge of Courage".

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pmiranda2857 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

After Henry is injured, he tries desperately to deal with the pain and confusion.  To calm his fears, he begins to think of his home and childhood.

He remembers certain meals his mother cooked at home, he thinks about which food he liked in particular.  He visualizes the kitchen, with the table spread with food, the warmth that came from the stove.

He also thinks about when he was in school and the joys of summer. 

"He remembered how he and his companions used to go from the school-house to the bank of a shaded pool. He saw his clothes in disorderly array upon the grass of the bank. He felt the swash of the fragrant water upon his body. The leaves of the overhanging maple rustled with melody in the wind of youthful summer." (Crane) 

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