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What were some significant things done by particular leaders of the British empire from 1860 to 1984?

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During this period, there were of course many leaders of the British Empire who did important things.  We can only look at a few here.  They include:

  • Benjamin Disraeli.  Perhaps the most important thing that he did was to buy into the Suez Canal.  He bought much of the stock in the canal from the Khedive of Egypt in 1875.  This gave Britain a much easier way of getting to and from India and other parts of Asia.
  • Cecil Rhodes.  Rhodes was responsible for much of what Britain did in Southern Africa.  He pushed British control into what became Rhodesia and he was a major force behind the Boer War.
  • Clement Attlee.  Attlee was Prime Minister when Britain gave independence to India.
  • Margaret Thatcher.  Late in the time period you are asking about, Thatcher kept alive one of the last pieces of the British Empire.  She did this by going to war with Argentina over the Falkland Islands.  This was, in part, an attempt to maintain Britain as a major power in the world.
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