List an example(s) of a metaphor in Maniac Magee?  Need Chapter and page #.

mkcapen1 | Student

 "A metaphor is an analogy between two objects or ideas, conveyed by the use of a word instead of another."

In the book "Maniac Magee" Jeffrey shows up at a high school field where the students are playing soccer. Some are also playing football.  The football goes into play and instead of thequarterback catching it Maniac/Jeffrey catches the ball and runs with it. 

"Nobody laid a paw on him." (14)

It is a metaphor which means no one caught him.

Maniac continues to run with the ball.  He then throws it into a perfect spiral.  Maniac had done it all with one hand with a book in his other hand.

Later on he goes to the Finsterwald's . The author uses the term

"a mouth in front of the yawning maw of a python."(18) 

 This is used to represent the boy Arnold who is facing a crowd of potentially harmful Finsterwalds.

On page 89 Maniac has been with Grayson and discussing what it is like to stay with someone who is black.  Grayson is puzzled to learn things that he had not thought about before.  He contemplates things in his head.  The author uses the following metaphor to represent Grayson thinking about an idea and then expressing it.

"The worm in Grayson's head had long since ceased to be a tiny tickle; it was now a maddening itch. As with all such itch-worms, it would exit by only one route, the mouth."(89)

troney | Student

Can "nobody laid a paw on him" also be considered an idiom?

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