List all the character in The Illustrated Man.list them in order by chapter

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jseligmann eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You want all the characters in Ray Bradbury's classic short story collection, "The Illustrated Man?" That's a tall order. All of the eighteen stories in the book are unrelated, and so they all have their own, individual characters. This is not a novel with characters who appear again and again, chapter after chapter.

I went through some of the book for you and have listed a mere fraction of the characters found between the covers of this imaginative, science fiction compilation:

First, there is the the Illustrated Man himself, with tattoos all over his body.

Now here are some of the individual stories with their major characters:

"The Veldt":
George and Lydia Hadley, Wendy, Peter, David McClean

Barkley, Woode, Stone, Hollis, Applegate, The Captain, Lespere

"The Other Foot":
Hattie Johnson

"The Highway":

"The Man":
Captain Hart, Martin

"The Long Rain":
The Lieutenant, Simmons, Pickard

"The Rocket Man":
Doug, Dad, Mom

And on and on. I'm not sure what you want such an exhaustive list for, but I hope this helps to get you started.

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