List 5 ways in which Iago plants suspicions in Othello's mind.

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Iago plants suspicion in the mind of Othello in the following five ways:

When Iago gives Othello reason to doubt Othello's faith in Cassio, he does so in two ways: first of all, Iago gets Cassio drunk. While in an inebriated state, Cassio not only lacks full control over his actions, he lacks full control of his reputation as a stand-up person, worthy of the promotion he has just received and able to behave in public. Secondly, Iago directly misleads Othello, explaining that Cassio's fight with Montano was Cassio's fault. These actions have the effect of causing Othello to feel doubt in himself, which is an ideal set-up for him to feel doubt later in his choice of wife.

Later in the play, when Iago gives Othello reason to doubt Othello's faith in Desdemona, he does so in three ways: firstly, Iago emphasizes Desdemona's fallibility as a wife to Othello simply by suggesting she is unfaithful and exacerbating Othello's own insecurity in himself as a clever judge of character; secondly, Iago...

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