What are some solutions for food security in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) so that prices can go down?

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First of all, please note that food security is not always the best way to get lower prices.  Trying to grow enough food in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries (mostly small countries, all with lots of desert) to maintain food security could actually lead to higher prices because imports will often be cheaper than food grown with the help of huge government programs.

Nonetheless, if you are assuming that it is important to grow more food in the GCC countries themselves, then the most important step that could be taken would be to have the governments help with irrigation projects.  Water is one of the most precious commodities in these countries and there is a growing demand for water as large cities grow.  Governments need to decide who will get the water, then need to help get water to farmers if the farmers are going to be able to grow more crops.

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