List 5 differences between humans and animals

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jmsailer eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A human has

1) rationality--intellect and free will;
2) the ability to reflect on himself (i.e. awareness of awareness);
3) an immortal soul;
4) the power of syntax (or language); and
5) risibility (the power to laugh).

Animals, on the other hand,

1) have instinct;
2) are aware, but are not aware that they are aware;
3) have a soul which is merely a life-giving principle but perishes when their body does;
4) cannot form a sentence; and
5) cannot perceive humor and react to it.

mailtogaurav | Student

humans have logic , reasoning , thinking in advanced manner , can communicate in better way , best creation of god . animals lack in these qualities .



malkaam | Student

These are the 5 things that humans have and animals don’t:

  1. The most amazing thing that humans have is extraordinary mental capabilities.
  2. Humans have the ability to self-reflect.
  3. They can distinguish between right and wrong.
  4. The means of communicating of humans are completely different than those of animals.
  5. Humor is something that is unique to humans.

The following 5 things are ones that define animals:

  1. Animals have amazing instincts.
  2. They cannot walk without using all fours.
  3. Many animals have a far superior sense of smell than that of humans.
  4. Animals have the ability to comprehend their environment with the help of their senses.
  5. They are able to relate time only to themselves.