What are 5 details from the story that make the cold seem real to the reader?

Expert Answers
charcunning eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The short story "To Build A Fire" by Jack London takes place in Alaska. Here are five details that allow the reader to experience the "cold" in the story.

1. The man in the story spits into the air, and before the the spit hits the ground, it crackles and turns to ice.

2. The dog is very apprehensive about heading out on the journey. It "slinks" along behind the man as they set out.

3. Both the man and the dog's faces are covered by frost, which is produced by their "crystallized breath". They are covered in a "fine powder of frost".

4. When the man stops to eat, his limbs go numb almost immediately after he exposes them. In 15 seconds his fingers go numb as he tries to eat his lunch. When he sits down to eat, his toes quickly become numb and he is forced to stamp up and down until he can feel them again.

5. As the man chews tobacco, and as his spit drips down his chin, the spit freezes over and creates a frozenĀ "appendage", hanging off of his chin.