How do we know that Jim is a very clever and calm individual in Treasure Island?

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There are several things that happen during the course of this book that show that Jim Hawkins is clever and (typically) calm as well.  A few examples include:

  • His actions when he is in the apple barrel.  At that point in the story, Jim overhears Silver and the others planning mutiny.  He must have been scared but is calm enough to avoid betraying his presence.  This allows him to alert Trelawney and the others.
  • His actions when he takes the ship.  First, he has the idea to set the ship adrift, thus stranding the pirates and keeping them from using its cannon.  Then, he thinks to actually retake the ship from the pirates.
  • Finally, his actions as a prisoner of the pirates show him to be calm.  When the doctor comes to talk to him, Jim is calm and mature enough to stay with the pirates since he has given his word that he will not try to escape.

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