List the 4 laws of thermodynamics. list the 3 types of thermodynamics processes. How does the first law change for each of these processes?

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Laws of Thermodynamics

0th law: If system 1 is in thermal equilibrium with system 3, and system 2 is in thermal equilibrium with system 3, then system 1 and system 2 must also be in thermal equilibrium.

1st law: Energy transfer takes the form of heat and work.

2nd law: In an isolated system not in thermal equilibrium, the entropy almost always increases.

3rd law: As the temperature of a system nears zero, the entropy of the system nears a constant value.

Thermodynamic Processes

- transfer of mechanical energy
- transfer of thermal energy
- transfer of particles (chemical)

For each of these processes the form of the energy transfer differs (1st law).

Transfer of mechanical energy: work is performed on or by the system

Transfer of thermal energy: heat is transferred from one object to another

Transfer of partcles: from this arises the law of conservation of energy which states that energy can be neither created nor destroyed

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