List three ways in which Shakespeare continues the theme of appearance vs. reality in Acts I & II in The Taming of the Shrew.

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One of the principal ways in which the theme of appearance vs. reality is continued throughout these two Acts is through the disguise and dissimulation of the principal characters in their attempt to woo Bianca. In Act I scene 1, for example, we see a typical Shakesperian reversal of roles between Lucentio and Tranio, as the master becomes the servant and vice versa in Lucentio's desire to gain access to Bianca. This theme is continued in Act I scene 2 when we discover that Gremio has had precisely the same idea, wanting to "tutor" Bianca by disguising himself as a teacher. Then lastly, in Act II scene 1, we see all of the suitors go to the house of Baptista to try and gain admission to Bianca. It is very hard to keep track of who is actually who, as reality gives  way to appearance with these riotous affairs.

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