List critical elements that prove the setting of the story is England, 1843  

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One critical element that Dickens brings out is how money is vital to one's social standing.  It is not a mistake that Scrooge is a miser and one who possesses a great deal of material wealth.  As a result of this, he holds a dominant level of respect and social stature.  He might not be loved, but Dickens shows Scrooge to be feared.  This is reflective of the time period because England was in the firm grip of industrialization and the proliferation of capitalism at the time.  This materialization came in the form of wealth, something that is present in the novel's setting.  At the same time, Scrooge's possession of wealth is contrasted with Cratchit's lack of wealth.  Dickens inverts the traditional wealth/ poverty narrative by showing Scrooge to be fundamentally unhappy and Cratchit being happy. Yet, Cratchit cannot afford the basic amenity of health care for Tiny Tim, and this is reflective of London in the 1840s, where visions of preponderant wealth were immediately contrasted with the reality of destitution and poverty living side by side to monetary success.  In bringing this out in the lives of the characters, Dickens is able to construct the realistic setting of industrialized England.

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