Fore each of the 3 Progressive Presidents list the accomplishments that accounted for him being labeled a progressive

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The term Progressive means to favor change or to move forward in society.  All three of the Progressive era presidents had various ways of trying to reform the country.  

Theodore Roosevelt is sometimes considered the most progressive of the three.  He had several programs designed to revolutionize the country... they are too numerous to name here; but probably the most recognizable of Roosevelt's Square Deal programs are those that deal with conservation.  Teddy Roosevelt set aside more acres of federal reserve land and national park areas than any other President to date.  William Taft is probably best remembered for his anti-trust lawsuits filed by the Justice department against the various trust companies in the country... his administration successfully broke apart some 90 or so trusts, bringing a new era in business law.  Woodrow Wilson's most progressive changes came in the realm of the economy.  For example, it was the Wilson administration that passed the first Progressive tax code, created programs to regulate the stock market, and created the federal reserve system that still governs U.S. banks today.

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