What are three of the divisions of horticulture?

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belarafon eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Some fields of horticulture are divided or combined with each other,  but it is generally accepted that there are eight general fields. Three of them, picked at random, are:

  1. Arboriculture. This is the study of trees and other woody plants, specifically perennial plants that grow for longer than two years. Focus is on the health, cultivation, and effects of the plants on the environment, and vice versa. A person who studies Arboriculture is often referred to as an "Arborist," and arborists often travel to study and fix areas of low or dying woody plant growth.
  2. Floriculture. This is the study of flowering plants, which includes ornamental plants and edible plants. Focus is on cultivation and changes in flowering; the breeding of different colors, species, and hybrid plants comprises a large portion of Floriculture. People who study it are called "Florists" and usually study inedible plants.
  3. Viticulture. This is the study specifically of grape vines, as cultivated for eating and for wine. Since grape vines adapt to their environment, viticulture is very common worldwide, and there are many strains of grape vines to study, choose from, and experiment with. People who study it are called "Viticulturists," and work to grow old and new strains of grape, creating new flavors.

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