What are 10 reasons for why science is cool?

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gsenviro eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Here is a list of why science is cool:

  • Science helps you explain the phenomena around you, such as how glaciers are formed or how we get fruits from a plant.
  • Science enables critical thinking and help us critically analyze a phenomena or observation.
  • Science enhance our quantitative reasoning ability and help us reason rationally and (Well!) scientifically.
  • Science helps us converse rationally with others
  • Science enables our adaptation and help us face adverse situations successfully. For example, by knowing the weather patterns and direction of wind flow, we can determine the best possible camp site on a tall mountain.
  • Science comes up with answers that we really need, such as how to cure diseases
  • Science has helped us in developing faster, better and safer transportation media (electric cars, etc.)
  • Science keeps us healthier by better information about infections, diseases and their cures.
  • Science has helped save a large fraction of world's population from food scarcity.
  • Scientists get to use really fancy and cool equipment, such as Large Hadron Collider, telescopes, etc.!!

That's why I think science is really, really cool.

Hope this helps. 


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