In The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe, what are the differences between the worlds of fantasy and reality? Give three differences and be specific.

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In the world of reality, the children are sent to live in a big house in the English countryside to escape the bombing of London during World War II. When they enter the fantasy world of Narnia through the wardrobe, they find themselves in a world with another reality. Three differences are as follows:

One: In Narnia, it is always winter and always cold. In England, of course, they experience the four seasons.

Two: In Narnia, the animals can talk. For example, when Lucy meets the faun, Tumnus, he talks to her. A faun is a creature from Greek myth, half human, half goat, that one would not find in the real world to begin with. But in Narnia, even ordinary animals talk. For instance, the beaver who helps the children hide from the White Witch talks to them, as does his wife, Mrs. Beaver. Aslan, the lion, is another example of a talking animal.

Three: In Narnia, magic is possible. For example, the witch has cast an enchantment that keeps the world in winter for one hundred years. She also uses her wand to turn humans to stone.

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