The Lion and the Jewel Questions and Answers
by Wole Soyinka

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In The Lion and the Jewel by Wole Soyinka, what role does Sadiku play in Sidi's visit to Baroka?

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Sadiku is Baroka's head wife who petitions Sidi to marry Baroka in the play The Lion and the Jewel on the Bale's behalf. Sidi initially declines Baroka's offer because she has become conceited after seeing her photographs in a magazine and thinks that the Bale is much too old for her. Sadiku is surprised to find out that Sidi neglects Baroka's offer, then invites Sidi to a meal at Baroka's palace. Sidi also declines Baroka's invitation, claiming that she's heard stories about how the Bale deceives the women at his suppers. Sadiku insists that everything Sidi heard about the Bale is a lie, but Sidi still refuses to attend the meal. Sadiku goes back to the palace and tells Baroka that Sidi neglected his offer. The Bale then tells Sadiku that he is impotent, and he hoped that Sidi would excite him again. Sadiku believes Baroka and swears to keep her mouth shut about his condition. That night, Sadiku enters the village and begins to dance and sing about winning a victory against her masters. When Sidi asks Sadiku what she is talking about, Sadiku tells Sidi that Baroka is impotent. Sidi is joyful to hear the news and tells Sadiku that she will agree to go to Baroka's meal so that she can mock him. Sadiku is unaware that Baroka lied to her, knowing full well that Sadiku would gossip about his impotence. Once Sidi visits Baroka's palace, he is able to woo her into sleeping with him. Sadiku unknowingly was an essential part of Baroka's plan to deceive and woo Sidi.

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