What lines in Oedipus the King explain about crossroads?

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The internet is great for line searches.  Once you find an electronic version of the play, use the "Edit" menu on your toolbar and locate the command "Find" or "Find In."  Type into the search box whatever you're looking for.  "Crossroads" doesn't bring anything up, but if you type in "roads," then you find...


Now Laius—so at least report affirmed—
Was murdered on a day by highwaymen,
No natives, at a spot where three roads meet.


Phocis the land is called; the spot is where
Branch roads from Delphi and from Daulis meet.


As I drew near the triple-branching roads,
A herald met me and a man who sat
In a car drawn by colts—as in thy tale—
The man in front and the old man himself
Threatened to thrust me rudely from the path,
Then jostled by the charioteer in wrath
I struck him, and the old man, seeing this,
Watched till I passed and from his car brought down
Full on my head the double-pointed goad.


Ye triple high-roads, and thou hidden glen,
Coppice, and pass where meet the three-branched ways,
Ye drank my blood, the life-blood these hands spilt,
My father's