Line j has a slope of -7/8. Line k is perpendicular to line j. What is the slope of line k?

vardhman1996 | Student

Line J m=-7/8

Formula of slope of line perpendicular or another line is:

m1m2=-1     where m1 is slope 1 and m2 is the slope we have to find

therefore -7/8(m2)=-1

Take 8 on the other side as numerator and multiply by -1 take -7 as numerator therefore both the subtraction signs get cancelled.

therefore 8/7 is the slope of the K.

giorgiana1976 | Student

The product of the slopes of two perpendicular lines is -1.

We'll note the slope of the line j as `m_j` and the slope of the line k as `m_k` .

We'll compute the product of the slopes:

`m_(j)*m_(k) = -1`

`(-7/8)*m_(k) = -1`

`m_(k) = -1/(-7/8)`

`m_(k) = 8/7`

Therefore, the slope of the perpendicular line k is `m_(k) = 8/7` .

sh953 | Student

The slope of a line is always the negitave reciprocal of the slope of the line perpendicular to it.

Therefore, the slope of line k is 8/7