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Linda Loman plays a key role in Willy's life, yet she is seen as a minor character in the play.  Describe Linda's personal traits and her actions. In what ways does she contribute to his problems? 

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In a story not lacking in complex and poignant characterizations, Linda Loman stands out for her quietly determined if fatally flawed efforts at holding her family together despite the emotional wounds she has suffered as Willy's wife.  Forever trying to be the voice of reason, she is continually rebuffed by Willy's rejections of her comments.  

Yet, her, and Willy's, downfall is her refusal or inability to confront Willy in his delusions and to stand up to his bullying behavior, especially Willy's constant expression of disappointment in his oldest son, Biff.  Early in the first act, anticipating the final scene, there is this exchange between Willy and Linda:

Willy: Work a lifetime to pay off a house. You finally own it, and there's nobody to live in it.

Linda: Well, dear, life is a casting off.  It's always that way.

Willy: No, no, some people -- some people accomplish something  Did Biff say anything after I went this morning?

Linda: You shouldn't have criticized him, Willy,...

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