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lincoln, clinton, obama. explain each one. thanks. C) how did this president demostrated it d) what was  the out come of president actions. nothing

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In these particular presidents, I think that more detail must be offered as to what is being examined.  The question asks how each embodied "it," and the most obvious question is what "it" is.  The selection of the three presidents is rather interesting as each defied the traditional background of the president.  Lincoln was a lawyer from Illinois, while Clinton hailed from Arkansas, while Obama defied all conventions being the first African- American.  Certainly, in selecting these three, there could be some argument made that there is a level of distinction in these three as they are uniquely different from all others in their ascendancy to the office.  Yet, I still believe that greater clarification is critically important in providing a more precise answer to such a question.

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andreinae | Student

hy i want to know the qualities dor each president!!! like characteristic that represent each one! and which is the most important!
like... who has the best commnication, ability to comprimise, ability to effectively deal with foreing nations...atc.