What are the limitations of new technology in business?i have to give presentation on this topicso please answer me according to that..plzz..

Expert Answers
thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As you develop your presentation, you may want to break down the issue into smaller individual talking points. A good place to start is the distinction between business-driven and technology driven ways of adopting new technology. The technology driven approach looks at a new technology and asks how it can be used; a business driven approach looks at strategic corporate goals and finds the most cost effective way to implement them.

Next, you should discuss the pros and cons of being an “early adopter”. Although this gives you a technical edge, the newer the technology the more likely it is to be unreliable and over-priced; it’s often more cost effective to wait until a technology has been out for a few years.

Finally, you should talk about the difference between buzz and profitability. Your job as a business person is to improve your bottom line, and thus you should investigate whether new technology actually makes more money for the company.

jesseldridge | Student

As we know, everything has two factors one is excellent and one is bad. This is also same in case of technology. It also has some restrictions and some benefits in organization. According to my perspective in organization, entrepreneurs have to pay more cash cause of these technological innovations. And because of this technological innovation employee loose their jobs and it can be reasons for strikes in organization.